Friday, July 30, 2010


I feel like a million bucks.

I finished the bar exam yesterday and I couldn't be more excited, happy, name it! I really hope it went well, but with those things it's tough to tell. It was a beast that consumed my life for far too long, and I am thrilled to let it go (let's hope I don't ever have to take it again).

I unfortunately missed a lot of fun and wonderful things this summer while I was slaving away studying. The Wagner family reunion in Idaho has to be what I am most bummed about having to miss. All those awesome people in one place at one time and I had to study. Ugh. It sounds like they all had a great time though. And I did receive a shirt, which made my day (yes, it was that boring and pathetic studying that the receipt of a shirt made my day). I also missed Dean's first 2 months of life, meeting Oliver, Jenna, James, playing with Ansley and Addie's first steps.

I even missed a WHOLE week with Cara and Ryann hanging out in Napa. Stupid test!

Anyway, it is the first time in forever that my to do list is filled with fun, stree-free things. Who knew law school would fly by so fast and I would actually be a real, legit lawyer? (well, almost).

Here's a brief glimpse of my to do list:
(1) Finish planning Europe;
(2) Play soccer with Ethan;
(3) Bribe Katie so I can babysit Dean next week;
(3) Go buy myself a cool finishing the bar present;
(4) Schedule movers for the move into my very own place in Chicago;

(that's the view from my new balcony!)

(5) Kiss on Addie;
(4) Pick out what I am going to wear to dinner tonight;
(5) paint my toes

Where's the hard stuff on there?! That's right, there's NOTHING.

Fortunately (it's a good thing, I think!), I still feel like a kid. A happy, giddy, kid who just got asked to prom by the older dream boat boy she'd had a huge crush on. If you want this feeling, just go to three years of law school, study your butt off for 2 solid months and take a grueling 3-day exam. I promise, you will then feel euphoria.

Buuut, I don't recommend it. Just go to disneyland or something.