Monday, June 7, 2010

Quite the Delay

Over the past month I have pondered whether or not I would keep the blog going during my partner-in-crime's time away from all things modern. As I contemplated the hefty decision, I thought to myself, well, what would Zach do? He most certainly would carry on. And so, here I being an attempt to keep the legacy moving forward. I want Zach to have something to scan through on a bored night at home post-mish.

But really, I have been swamped--big time! I am officially a graduate of the University of Chicago law school and am the proud owner of a J.D. degree. Weird, I know. It wasn't until our Dean (more on that in a minute) of Students sent out the finalized graduation list today that I knew for certain that I would be crossing the stage. Of course, I strongly thought I would be up there on that list, but you never know until you see that ink on the page.

Nevermind graduating, I have a brand new baby boy nephew named
D E A N M I C H A E L W A G N E R.
I was able (by a stroke of good karma I've been saving up over the years) to be in Napa when my lovely sister-in-law Katie went into labor; meaning, I was in the waiting room when Cory rolled out the little munchkin, letting us know we were the proud family members of a healthy little bouncing baby boy! And what a sight. Even at minutes old he was staring at us all through his beautiful eyes. I heard some of his first cries just a few minutes later, with tears welling up in my eyes, as I watched my big brother (some would refer to him a my hero) help the nurse weigh and measure the little beauty.

It was a very emotional time (duh, I am a Wagner) for me, to see my brother reach such a monumental time in his life and to realize that the little boy there was loved so very deeply and perfectly by my big brother. Well, me too, of course, but I can hardly compare the love of an Auntie to that of a father (even though I like to think my heart just expands like crazy every time a new one of these beautiful blessings join my life).

Katie did fantastic throughout the long labor and was seemingly undaunted when things did not go exactly as planned. She had to be the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen (sorry Britti and Ash, but she seriously looked like a million bucks every time I saw her). I am so grateful she found her forever in my brother and am so pleased they have decided to start a little family. I know Emma and LouLou will be fantastic big sisters, no doubt.

Unfortunately, I will be having to watch Dean grow and develop over photographs in text messages and emails for the next while. However, I know I will be back to California often and will take full advantage of holding and cuddling the newest love of my life. And Dean, Auntie loves you more than you know. You have been born into a very fantastic family and we cannot wait to watch you grow into the wonderful young man you are destined to be.

I love you little guy; more than you know!