Saturday, February 27, 2010

How To...

How to avoid catching the bridal bouquet:

1. Do not even go up when the MC asks for all the single women (note, the man I am positioned next to)
However, if your family (including Grandma & Grandpa) is calling you out loudly in front of all the guests, try option 2

2. Place your hands firmly behind your back and clasp your fingers tightly together. Do not let go no matter how strong of an urge you have to do so.

Note: Keep those hands together even if the flowers hit you in the face

3. Clap your hands violently when the 10 year old in front of you catches them instead

4. Breathe a big sigh of relief. You just bought yourself time until the next wedding.

Woman celebrating finishing her run.jpg

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


At our cousin Rob's wedding in Phoenix on Saturday, we made sure to tear up the dance floor. At one point, Zach thought something was missing and shouted, "Hey mom! Take out your tooth so we can really get this party started!!!"

Needless to say, we all about died of laughter. Ooooh MOM! We love you

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After a 4 hour flight and a fun train ride from the airport, I am safely home from a weekend in Phoenix. Zach made it safely home yesterday morning (before I was even awake). It's always so sad to have such a short time together, but we make do with the time the good lord gives us (or school schedules, airlines, responsibilities, etc).

While in Arizona, Zach and I worked out some blog ideas (mainly in the form of pictures)

Zach and I worked in our dancing shoes while attending our cousin Rob's wedding to his beautiful wife Lindsay

As usual, I had to fight with Rich for my blogging-partner's attention

I was okay with sharing my time though, as I had plenty of munchkins to spend time with when Zach was too busy playing video games or reading "El Libro de Mormon" with Rich

(aren't they just precious?!)

(I got to spend lots of much-needed time with these 2 little and 2 big munchkins ;)

Finally, can't forget Mom, Pops and Devy were also there to play with too.

(and Devyn, no your arm does not look fat to anyone else but you. Just ask Jasonie)

Aren't they cute?

Talk about inspiration for the blog. I know Zach feels the very same way

Disclaimer: exceedingly adorable photos do not reflect the opinions, beliefs or practices of the author or authors and are definitely photoshopped.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We don't need kids or significant others!
We have maple syrup!!


Now that Cory and Katie have joined the blogging bandwagon (with a TMI post, by the way), Zach and I felt it completely appropriate to create our own blog. Being the two children left blog-less, not only are we without spouses, but now we have to suffer the humiliation of being singled out in the blog-o-sphere.


So what if I am blogging with my brother instead of a significant other? At least I am not one of those losers who do it by themselves! So what if my "baby bump" is nothing but left over meatloaf and corner store corn dogs. And so what if I don't have babies to post pictures of? You want babies? I'll find them to take pictures of--in Target, on campus, raiding day cares...we all know that's where you're getting your photos from...

There will be no lovey-dovey "ooohh my blogging partner cleaned my house" or "oooohh my blogging partner bought me flowers."

And in this bloggerific union, both parties will contribute! None of that, "" blog where we all know only one member of the blog actually contributes. Who are you fooling? Not us!

As much as we all want to see pictures of babies and rainbows and sunshine, our blog will give you warm fuzzies (or something like that) all over without any of that garbage.

Plus, once my partner-in-crime leaves me for two years in Texas, I'll have a venue to post the updates of his life in service while I attempt and be a grown up.

So there!