Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh, why, hello there.

I have been severely sucking at posting, but I have decided to make sure I do it at least once a month from here on out to make sure Zach has some idea of what is going on in my life during his absence. I have actually composed a post or two, but didn't publish them because they were a little weepy--missing Zach, the munchkins and my family. You're welcome for sparing you the sob sobs. What a wuss.

Addie girl

Since I moved into my place in September, I began a nanny position in Chicago. I knew I needed to do something to help pass the time until my November 1 start date at work. I pick up two (not-so-young) kiddos from school every day and help the 13 year old with her homework. It has been so much fun. I had to re-learn algebra. Every time she opens up that homework folder, I hold my breath because it's not every day that I find myself smarter than an 8th grader. Seriously. It's a bit humbling/humiliating for a girl who can't remember life before school. Topographical plotting on a map? The capital of where??

I made it home for Katie's 30th birthday celebration. It was SO much fun. I was missing those munchkins big time and I ALMOST made up for lost time with Dean. I was a bit of a hog (or as the siblings call me--the baby stealer). I got to play with Addie, went to Ethan's jog-a-thon and put my hair teasing skills to good use for Katie's 80s themed party at Flora Springs winery. I have an unbelievably fantastic family and have so much fun every time I go home. I was even able to squeeze some friend time in. Going home is never very relaxing. I am not complaining but it is always a whirlwind of babies, friends, family, mom's awesome cooking and alergies. I always sleep on the plane ride home; I feel like a puckered out toddler out cold after a long day of playing in the park.

The 80s fits (blurry. Someone needs a new camera. So sad)

The little Dean munchkin was a care bear. Devy was an 80s prom queen. I think.

The birthday girl and her hubby.

Lindsay and I got to visit Kendyll at her new job for Whitehall Lane Winery

November is a very exciting month. I start working, receive my bar results (eeekk), the next Harry Potter comes out, I am getting a visit from a dear friend AND the GIANTS are in the World Series. Plus, I am going to put together a CD for Zach of the newest dance-songs that have come out since he has left.

Coco is coming to visit ME! AGAIN!! McDonnald's proposal night.

I am starting my new job tomorrow, and I know I will have exciting things to post about that once I get rolling. I will be working for Bright Pink (Check it out at It is a non-profit organization that works on outreach, counseling and generally educating young women who are or may be at-high-risk for developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. It is an amazing organization; it really fills a niche that hadn't been addressed before. The Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization is a huge supporter of us. The focus is about taking control of your health and well-being as a younger woman--being proactive and knowing you don't have to take scary tests or undergo uncomfortable procedures alone. I am SO excited to start helping Bright Pink with their legal needs. Finally!!

Only 55 days until I get to talk to Zach. I hope his mish president lets us skype. Also, I hope Cory gets to see him while he is in Dallas for the WORLD SERIES (words cannot explain the extent of my jealousy).

Until then, god bless, GO GIANTS and vote!

Yes, we are related.


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!! That was so fun to read Erin!! I will read it again and again--holding my fingers crossed today--in other words too much excitement for one day!! I love you sis so much! XOXO

  2. Ha HA HA are related!!