Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Beginnings

Chicago River at Night

I know it has been a while, but not much has been going on - well, okay, a LOT has been going on which may be why I haven't forced myself to take a break, sit down and record life's happenings.

February - freezing cold, survived a crazy blizzard and managed to secure a lot of runners for Bright Pink's marathon team. Took the Illinois Bar.

View under L tracks on Lake + Desplaines

March - still freezing cold.

April - I passed the Illinois bar! Pete met the family in Napa: Cory, Katie, Ashley and Ron put on an awesome BBQ with my closest Napa buds so he could meet them all in one place. Cory and Katie also pulled out all the stops with a beautiful Sunday spent up valley at some amazing wineries. Oh yeah, and I GOT A JOB in Chicago at Kirkland & Ellis - interviewed on a Friday and received the offer on the spot! I start TOMORROW and I could not be more thrilled. So yes, I am staying in Chicago for at least a while longer - who would've thought??

Pete & I at Viader Winery in Angwin, CA

May - Trip back to Napa after my last day with Bright Pink (such a great experience) where I was able to see friends, family, munchkins and beautiful weather (horrific allergies though). I also made it to Nic + Flynn's wedding which was wonderful! I was able to chit chat with my favorite missionary on Mother's Day (shout out to Elder Z Wag). Did some "grown up" clothes shopping (since tomorrow I will be forced to grow up), ordered my Blackberry and attempted to beef up my legal writing skills. Oh yeah, and last night I watched the Giants beat the Cubs in the rain (awesome).

The ladies at my table for F+N wedding

So, here I am, not a year out of law school - I have given up a great job in San Francisco to take another fantastic position as a litigator in Chicago. Ask me a year ago and I would have NEVER thought I would be where I am now, but I have never been happier, more in love and more content with my decision to be exactly where I am. Of course I wish I could be close to family but the good thing is, now that I'll be a fancy pants lawyer, I'll be able to afford to take more trips out there (or bring them to me = more likely scenario).

Katie, Jason, Devyn, me, Cory & DEAN

A life is full of surprises, changes, bumps and bruises, but when you fill that life with LOVE (a little hard work) and make it your OWN, amazing can happen.


  1. I am sooo happy for you Erin! I am so excited and proud and I can't wait to find a time to come visit you! I am working on earning a reward on my southwest card... I think I almost got it! We miss you and love you

  2. You are amazing and we are so excited for you and for your new job/adventure!! Congrats on being a fancy pants Lawyer!! Love you!

  3. So happy for you-- glad that you are posting again!! I love the pictures--and you!